«We design a product so that its value extends beyond its useful life.»

We committed our studio to the Circular Economy and signed the Charta of Circular Economy Switzerland. more



This is what we do best: we develop and design consumer and industrial goods, from the initial idea to production monitoring.

Our services include

  • Circular Economy / Circular Design

  • Ecodesign

  • Product development

  • Product development

  • Service Design in collaboration with reverse ag

  • Packaging Design

  • Universal Design

  • High-End-Rendering

  • Prototyping incl. 3D printing

  • Factory Sourcing



«We are your external departement for product design.»

Our claim is a promise we keep: we are at your service to develop products that meet your needs perfectly – with no risk of being blinded by the familiar routine. In our role as your external design department, we bring fresh insight into your business.


We listen carefully to make sure we fully understand your concerns. Then we go on to develop ideas and solutions according to your wishes and needs – always from a new starting point but without reinventing the wheel. We connect with our clients at a personal level and strive to build relationships that last. Our network of partners and industry contacts is a resource we gladly put at your disposal.


Beauty, to us, is a function of the product. It expresses appreciation and makes a product more durable. That, too, is sustainable design.



studiocolony was founded in 2012 by Stéphanie Estoppey and Ozan Alaca. They first met at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design where they were both enrolled in the Industrial Design programme. After several years of travel and apprenticeship working for renowned studios in New York, London, Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich, they crossed paths again in Basel, where they founded studiocolony gmbh in 2012. Ever since, they have dedicated themselves to developing consumer and industrial goods that meet the highest standards. 


In 2018, Danilo Silvestri, designer SGD and lecturer at the FHNW Institute Industrial Design, joined studiocolony as a senior partner.


We are multilingual and happy to speak with you in German, English, French, Italian and Turkish. Ask us!


Tavero (Hoffmann-La-Roche)
Swiss Airlines
Arwa (Similor AG)
Wirz Obstbau AG
Rotavis AG
Schreinerei Schneider AG
Systemtech Schneider AG
Christian Bächle Architektur
Sapa Architekten



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studiocolony gmbh


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4055 Basel 


+41 61 321 70 26

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