This is what we do best: we develop and design consumer and industrial goods, from the initial idea to production monitoring.

We deliver ready-to-use data on your product, find the most suitable manufacturing partner, and support the entire production process – if you so wish. We think holistically, from the first draft all the way to cost-effective and ecological packaging. This includes the choice of materials and production methods as well as a design that revolves around the product's function. The outcome of this process are competitive and sustainable products.

our Service includes

  • Circular Design – Circular Economy

  • Product Development

  • Concept Development

  • UI-Design 

  • Packaging Design

  • Universal Design

  • High-End-Rendering

  • Prototyping inkl. 3D-Printing

  • Factory Sourcing

Sustainable Design

For us, sustainability is more than a buzzword. We choose the materials we use with care. We continually review our concepts and practices: What is our resource consumption? How high are production costs? Can we reduce product weight to decrease transport emissions and save costs? What alternative methods of production are there, and how can we combine these methods in an effective way? What is the product's life cycle?


These questions are important, because they lead us to our goal: the development of high-quality products that will experience lasting success.