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Our Team

STUDIOCOLONY was founded in 2012 by Stéphanie Estoppey and Ozan Alaca.

The two met at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, where they studied Industrial Design together.

After years of training and working at renowned studios in New York, London, Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich, their paths crossed again in Basel.There they founded studio colony GmbH in 2012 and have since been designing consumer and industrial goods with high standards.


Selina Schneeberger

Ozan Alaca

Stéphanie Estoppey

Anna Kaiser

Looks for simplicity, which is not always that simple. Pragmatic, keeps the whole team going with her efficient manner. In addition to industrial design, she also has experience in spatial project planning. Coaches a young football team and also enjoys playing football herself.

After detours into Biotechnology at ETH Zurich and Medicine at the University of Basel, he found his way to Industrial Design. Biomimicry still inspires him in the design of products today. Worked at GfK Research Matters in market research and accompanied product launches for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Maintains and establishes relations and contacts. Motivates the team to peak performance and always keeps an overview. As an FHNW guest lecturer and consortium member of the NTN Innobooster, she is always up to date. Wood chopping and yoga keep her in balance and sharpen her ability to focus on the essentials.

Critically questions and analyses everything. Always takes a very close look at a product. Draws inspiration from further away than neighbour's garden. Lived in Hong Kong for a semester during her studies. In her free time she can be found on hiking trails and at concerts.

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