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The third insight into our work

The new office stool that swings, and swings, and swings.

The over 50 participants at the workshop organised by Studiocolony and the Impact Hub Basel spoke on the topic of Circular Design - do it yourself. The participants came from the fields of pharmaceuticals, biology, design, IT, marketing and education and explored the question of how to make an office stool as recyclable as possible using sustainable materials. The discussion was based on the example of "healthy" office stools designed by our client Rotavis. The office stool enables the swinging movement of the hips like when walking and thus easily ensures healthy blood circulation of the intervertebral discs when sitting.

Circular products enable new business models. Whether the office chair will be available as a seat subscription or will measure movement via sensor and communicate directly with the health app is all still open.

We'll keep at it.

Photos: Anna Laura Rivarola, ImpactHub Basel.



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