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The tenth insight into our work

Integrating instead of disposing

Introducing: Office Furniture-System Nodo. Nodo is Italian for knot. A knot that links and creates a connection. From existing storage furniture to a new structure.

Nodo is a modular system that creates temporary workstation situations, divides rooms, offers a contemporary coat rack, office greenery, holds TV screens, power strips, pin board, whiteboard - exactly as you configure it. Felt panels made of recycled PET emphasise the homely character. Nodo is expandable, dismountable and can thus be separated by type at the end of its life. Nodo is now available in selected shops.

The versatile concept of mastermind and Breitblick owner Daniel Rindlisbacher

was constructively elaborated and further developed by STUDIOCOLONY and implemented in collaboration with Vifian. Thank you very much for the exciting project and the trust, Ergodata.

We connect we'll keep at it.

Rollercoaster and Growth

A year full of challenges marked by constant change

After a rough start to 2021, so many exciting unexpected opportunities have presented themselves over the course of the year. Circular design is getting more and more attention in general - which has made for exciting panels and discussions for STUDIOCOLONY. A very special highlight is the addition of our first two permanent staff members. We are delighted that Selina Schneeberger who has been with us since July and Anna Kaiser who has been with us since September have joined our team with great enthusiasm.

We grow sustainably we'll keep at it.



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