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The sixth insight into our work

We always have the user in mind.

An easy-to-handle detergent container. 

Containers of liquid detergent are often heavy and bulky. For people with disabilities, handling the oversized bottles is a pain and one-handed use is simply impossible. We have reduced the necessary hand movements to two simple ones. Tilt and push. Tilting opens the container, pressing doses exactly the right amount for a wash cycle, tilting again closes the container tightly back up again. 

This way, washing is fun at any age and saves on liquid detergent.

The focus is on the user - we'll keep at it.


Six to ten times a year we send out a small insight into our everyday design work. To our clients, friends and the people we work with. We will be happy to keep you up to date.

Greetings from Studiocolony




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