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The second insight into our work

Black-Box-Design – only the client knows us.

We can picture it: Designing things but never saying they're from us. The thing sells well. It's well designed and well-known. Only nobody knows us. But the thing is our idea. How are we supposed to win new customers if we are not allowed to say anything about our good idea? New customers want to be sure of working with us. Demand our expert knowledge. They trust us to recognise the problem. There's only one thing to do, talk to us. And you will learn a lot about confidentiality, trust, cooperation, which is also fun on the subject of black box design. Black-box design is design that appears one hundred percent on behalf of the client.

We are good at that.


Workshop –

Circular mattresses and nightmares.

It is a nightmare how many mattresses are disposed of, burnt. To hell with it, said the participants in the circuit workshop to themselves. There was a lot of discussion without back pain. From the production to the disposal and reprocessing of the future circular mattresses. Different needs for relaxed rest and sleep were dreamt up, for a healthy, recyclable mattress. Devilish nightmares will have a very very hard time in the future.

We'll keep at it.


Swissbau 2020 – 

Our kitchen faucet for Arwa Similor.

Cooking enthusiasts clean with Arwa faucets. With the kitchen faucet for Arwa, ambitious hobby chefs will fall in love with cleaning. The fully movable hose does everything, keeps its shape and fills even large pans with water in no time. It can be swivelled completely to the side together with the handle, and the fun factor will not be missing when cleaning pans. From autumn onwards, you can use it to make an impression - so there will soon be no excuse for the mountain of dirty dishes.

We love to rave.



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