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The eleventh insight into our work

Ready when you are.

Recently, a longtime client approached us with the following question:

"Do you still do projects that don't focus on circularity?"

Yes, of course.

We are convinced that there is no way around the topic of circular economy.

So the question is not so much "if", but "when" the first steps will be taken together. For some it's small steps, for others already big leaps - no matter which, the direction is right.

We hold panel discussions, teach and hold lectures at FHNW at the Institut Contemporary Design Practices, we support companies during the NTN Innovation Boosters and help guide them on their way to circular products - so, we're ready when you are.

Until then, we are already integrating our knowledge to your advantage - be it in the choice of materials, in the attention to reparability, recyclability, longevity and in making a product emotionally appealing.

Because when people really love a product, they take good care of it and it will stay in use for a long time - which is an essential aspect of sustainability.

Remarkable, athmospheric.

Emotions are also what the "Gradient" mirror cabinet by the Swiss family-run company Sidler is all about.

Everyone knows the situation: you get out of the steaming hot shower in the morning and the mirror is fogged up.

When the fog lifts, the view of the mirror becomes clear again.

This effect is elegantly put into perspective with the "Gradient".

A gradual transition from mirror to crystal-clear light. Creating an atmosphere and becoming an unmistakable eye-catcher - both at the bathroom exhibitor's and at your home.

Gradient is now available at specialized stores.

We make your product stand out – we'll keep at it.



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