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The eight insight into our work

From Visualization to Prototypes

The time has come. For twenty months we have been working together with an international team on the T-Chair by Rotavis AG. The T-Chair is a therapy chair for MS and stroke patients, which enables efficient movement therapy in order to reactivate patients as quickly as possible. The therapy chair is also conveniently accessible for therapists and is intended to activate the mobility of the trunk and spine of the affected person in a playful way by means of game-oriented therapy options.

We translated the high technical and ergonomic requirements into our own design language. The entire team is very satisfied with the design result. Now the therapy chair is ready for testing at the Valens Clinic. The first user study with the new therapy chair as a therapy device will start soon.

Wir help activate – we'll keep at it.


Designpreis Schweiz honours circular design

Stéphanie Estoppey is of the new panel of experts of the Designpreises Schweiz. For the first time, the Design Award is introducing the category "going circular economy". Stéphanie Estoppey is among the jury members. Her task will be to award the best projects on the theme of "going circular economy" together with her colleagues.

Congratulations! More information:

We put ourselves out there – we'll keep at it.



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