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Single-use versus reusable - the solution must be convenient.

What: A very interesting test phase has started in spring 2019 in Paris and New York. The model impresses with its comfort for the user - this is where we see its greatest opportunity!

What is it about:

Recycling is absolutely important, but it does not solve the disposable packaging problem at its core. The basic problem does not lie in the plastic itself, but rather in its single use - which is exactly where Loop comes in.

Loop is a new zero-waste platform that aims to close the gap between customer and producer by using reusable stainless steel packaging and making it available to customers for use with the product. After use, Loop picks up the packaging, cleans and sterilizes it, refills it and makes it ready for the next customer.

Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever and other big players are working with Loop (TerraCycle). The packaging is said to be reusable up to 100 times, which in turn requires a different design than conventional single-use plastic packaging.


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