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What we offer

STUDIOCOLONY designs all kind of products.

Our core competence lies in making products and packaging attractive and understandable so that they meet the needs of customers.


From the first sketch to accompanying production, sustainability serves as a compass.

Product and Industrial Design

Designprozess von der Skizze, über Prototyping, Entwicklung bis zur Begleitung der Produktion

It always starts with a conversation.

We listen carefully to what you have to say,

to understand what ideas you have in mind and where the journey should go.


With a structured process, we proceed step by step and offer you everything from design to production support.


The design process (design thinking) is divided into the following steps: 


1. research & analysis 

2. idea & conception 

3. design & prototyping 

4. testing & monitoring of implementation  


Circular Design Consulting

Circular Design Consulting Beratung zur Kreislauffähigen Produkten

The circular economy needs good cooperation along the entire value chain.


Whether it's materials research, logistics or waste disposal - we have a broad network and offer workshops in which we bring relevant players to the table to develop suitable, real solutions right from the start.


Renderings, Visualisierung

To get a clear picture and to make sure we have the same goal in mind, we visualize the concept in a photo-realistic way.


The visuals make the product understandable.


This gives you the opportunity to make internal decisions more effectively, as concrete images can be used as a basis for discussion.


The images can also be used for marketing.

Rapid Prototyping

3D-Druck, 3D-Print, Rapid Prototyping und Modellbau

At some point in the process, no way leads past models.

We create models so that the ergonomics, the handling and also the effect can be checked as early as possible. This saves everyone from costly surprises. From cardboard mockups to detailed 3D printed parts or the organization of a prototype in the final material, everything is possible.


Storytelling ist gerade im Kontext der nachhaltigen Produkte enorm wichtig. Wir zeigen auf, was das Produkt kann und wie aus dessen Lebensende Neues werden kann

There is a story behind every product. What makes the product stand out? Especially in the area of sustainability, a simple, clear story is often needed to show what makes the product different.


We tell your customers the story of your product - briefly, easily understandable and as beautifully as possible. Depending on the situation, in the form of graphics, illustrations or animation. Its the story that sells!

Factory Sourcing

Factory Sourcing - wir verfügen über ein breites Netzwerk an Produktionspartnern oder übernehmen die Suche gerne für Sie.

Especially when it comes to new, sustainable materials, the right partner companies that can actually produce the idea are quite difficult to find.


We share our constantly growing network and are happy to support you in your search for the right company.

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