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Reusable Packaging Tubedo

Kunde: Ergodata AG
Leistung: Product Design, Research & Development, Factory Sourcing

Tubedo is the convenient packaging all-rounder that can be refilled again and again. True to the motto: reuse, reduce, recycle.

Thanks to its large opening, Tubedo is easy to fill and can be completely emptied. You simply squeeze the tube together for dosing. The tube and lid are each made of mono-materials, so they can be recycled properly.

Another patented feature is that the tube has two openings so that it can also be cleaned cleanly in a dishwasher. All in all, the solution finally opens up possibilities for offering convenient recyclable packaging in the B2B sector as well. Convenient for us, good for the environment. Made in Europe.

Client: Tubedo GmbH

Service: Product Design, Engineering


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